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Toyota Oil Change Service in Dalton, GA

Oil Change Service With North Georgia Toyota

As far as oil changes go, conventional oil is the most basic and traditional of all oil types. This is what many people use in older cars and trucks from a few decades ago. Conventional oil is a cheaper option than both full and semi-synthetic oil, which is part of why it's still a popular choice among drivers today.

Our Oil Change Services

Conventional Oil Change

Conventional Oil Change

If you're using conventional oil in your Toyota, we recommend visiting North Georgia Toyota at least once every 5,000 miles to have your oil changed. A lot of drivers prefer to have their oil changed once every 3,000 miles with conventional oil, although that depends on how much you drive and how old your vehicle is. During each oil change, we'll also replace your oil filter to keep your oil clean between scheduled services.

Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Change

If money is no obstacle and you simply want the longest-lasting lubrication for your engine, synthetic oil is a smart choice. Synthetic oil is becoming increasingly popular for newer engines, and it can provide similar value to conventional oil. If you're not using synthetic oil but don't want to change your oil so often, ask a technician if you would be better off with synthetic oil. The best part about synthetic oil is the fact that it lasts so much longer than conventional oil. While conventional oil tends to burn up and get dirty pretty quickly, you can go as long as 10,000 miles or an entire year in between oil changes with synthetic oil. Still, you'll need to change your oil filter each time as you do with any Toyota oil change services.

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

For some people, conventional oil is a little too high-maintenance, while synthetic oil is a bit too expensive. If you're looking for the perfect compromise between synthetic and conventional, semi-synthetic oil is an excellent choice. You don't have to spend quite as much as you would for a full synthetic oil change in Dalton, but you can still go longer between oil changes without sacrificing lubrication.

Get an Oil Change with North Georgia Toyota

With semi-synthetic oil, we recommend having an oil change done about once every 7,500 miles. While you may go a little longer, poor lubrication can lead to major engine damage. Plus, your performance may suffer if your engine is getting too hot or critical parts are starting to wear down due to bad oil. No matter what kind of Toyota oil change you need, make sure you're scheduling regular oil change appointments with North Georgia Toyota.

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