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Oil Change Services

Oil Change Service With North Georgia Toyota

As far as oil changes go, conventional oil is the most basic and traditional of all oil types. This is what many people use in older cars and trucks from a few decades ago. Conventional oil is a cheaper option than both full and semi-synthetic oil, which is part of why it's still a popular choice among drivers today.


Oil Changes Services

  • Full Synthetic - Fully synthetic engine oil lasts considerably longer than conventional oil; it also keeps your engine cleaner and flows better in both hot and cold conditions.
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  • Conventional - Made from refined crude oil, conventional engine oil keeps your engine's moving metal components lubricated so that they will not be damaged by friction.
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  • Semi-Synthetic - This special blend of conventional and synthetic oil can provide some of the benefits of both: it's less expensive than full synthetic oil, but keeps your engine cleaner than conventional.
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  • Diesel - If your vehicle has a diesel engine, it will require a special oil that has a different viscosity than oil meant for gas engines, as well as additional anti-wear additives.

Get an Oil Change with North Georgia Toyota

With semi-synthetic oil, we recommend having an oil change done about once every 7,500 miles. While you may go a little longer, poor lubrication can lead to major engine damage. Plus, your performance may suffer if your engine is getting too hot or critical parts are starting to wear down due to bad oil. No matter what kind of Toyota oil change you need, make sure you're scheduling regular oil change appointments with North Georgia Toyota.

Genuine Oil Change Services