Midsize Truck Rumble: Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline


In the fiercely competitive midsize truck segment, two models consistently stand out: the Toyota Tacoma and the Honda Ridgeline. Each of these trucks has carved out a loyal following thanks to their unique strengths and standout features. 

This exciting showdown pits the Toyota Tacoma against the Honda Ridgeline, comparing them across critical aspects such as power and performance, interior and exterior design, and safety and technology. Whether you’re drawn to the Tacoma’s rugged adventure-ready spirit or the Ridgeline’s innovative comfort, this detailed comparison will help you decide which midsize truck truly reigns supreme. Get ready to discover which of these exceptional vehicles is the perfect fit for your lifestyle and driving needs.

Power and Performance: Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline

Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline

When it comes to midsize trucks, power and performance are critical factors that influence a buyer’s decision. The Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline each offer unique strengths that cater to different types of drivers. Whether you’re looking for raw power and off-road capability or a smooth and refined ride, understanding the performance capabilities of these two trucks will help you make an informed choice.


Toyota Tacoma:

  • Engine Options:
    • i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain: 326 hp, 465 lb.-ft. torque
    • i-FORCE gas engine: 278 hp, 317 lb.-ft. torque
  • Transmission:
    • 8-speed automatic
    • 6-speed manual
  • Towing Capacity: Up to 6500 lbs
  • Fuel Efficiency: Estimated 21/26 city/highway mpg


Honda Ridgeline:

  • Engine Option:
    • 3.5-liter V6 engine: 280 hp, 262 lb.-ft. torque
  • Transmission: 9-speed automatic
  • Towing Capacity: Up to 5000 lbs
  • Fuel Efficiency: Estimated 21 mpg combined


The Toyota Tacoma stands out with its robust engine options and impressive towing capacity, designed to tackle the toughest trails and heaviest loads with ease. On the other hand, the Honda Ridgeline offers a more car-like driving experience with its unibody construction and advanced safety features, providing a balanced blend of power and comfort. 

Interior and Exterior: Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline

Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline

The interior and exterior design of a midsize truck significantly impact its functionality, comfort, and overall appeal. The Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline excel in different areas, offering features that cater to a variety of preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize rugged utility or refined comfort, examining the interior and exterior attributes of these two models will guide you in selecting the right truck for your lifestyle.


Toyota Tacoma:

  • Interior Features:
    • IsoDynamic Performance front seats
    • 14-in. multimedia touchscreen
    • Customizable cargo bed (5-ft. or 6-ft.)
  • Exterior Features:
    • ARB® steel rear bumper
    • High-clearance front bumper
    • Rigid Industries® LED fog lights

Honda Ridgeline:


  • Interior Features:
    • Spacious cabin with seating for five
    • Under-seat storage
    • Lockable in-bed trunk
    • 9-in. touchscreen
  • Exterior Features:
    • Dual-action tailgate
    • Bed with 4-foot-wide cargo capability
    • Built-in bed storage


The Toyota Tacoma emphasizes durability and off-road readiness with features like IsoDynamic Performance front seats and a high-clearance front bumper. Meanwhile, the Honda Ridgeline focuses on providing a spacious, versatile cabin with innovative storage solutions and a dual-action tailgate. 

Safety and Technology: Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline

Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline

In today’s automotive landscape, safety and technology are paramount for drivers seeking peace of mind and convenience. The Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline each bring a suite of advanced safety features and cutting-edge technology to the table, designed to enhance the driving experience and protect passengers. Understanding how these two midsize trucks compare in terms of safety and tech offerings can help you choose the model that best meets your needs.


Toyota Tacoma:


  • Safety Features:
    • Multi-Terrain Monitor
    • Trailer Backup Guide with Straight Path Assist
    • Blind Spot Monitor
    • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Technology Features:
    • 14-in. audio multimedia display
    • Wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™
    • 10-speaker JBL® Premium Audio system


Honda Ridgeline:


  • Safety Features:
    • Honda Sensing® suite (forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control)
  • Technology Features:
    • Wireless smartphone integration
    • Parking sensors
    • 7-in. digital driver display


The Toyota Tacoma is equipped with a range of driver-assistance features, including a Multi-Terrain Monitor and Trailer Backup Guide, making it a formidable choice for off-road enthusiasts and those who frequently tow. On the other hand, the Honda Ridgeline excels with its comprehensive Honda Sensing® suite and user-friendly technology like wireless smartphone integration. Both trucks offer substantial safety and technology benefits, ensuring that you can drive with confidence and stay connected on the road.


Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline

While both the Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline offer impressive features, the Tacoma outshines the Ridgeline with its unrivaled off-road capabilities, superior towing capacity, and robust powertrain options. The Tacoma is engineered for adventure, embodying a rugged spirit that conquers any terrain with ease. Its trail-dominating power and legendary durability make it the ultimate choice for those who crave excitement and reliability in a midsize truck. For drivers who demand more from their vehicle, the Tacoma stands as the clear, thrillingly superior option.

Whether you’re navigating rocky mountain trails, towing heavy loads with confidence, or cruising through city streets with ease, the Tacoma delivers a heart-pounding performance that leaves the competition in the dust. Its i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain and TRD-tuned suspension provide the power and precision needed for any adventure, while the advanced safety features ensure peace of mind on every journey. The Tacoma’s aggressive stance and bold design make a statement wherever it goes, turning heads and inspiring envy.

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Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline

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June 11, 2024
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